Inner voice

Why are people so afraid of silence? This keeps them from hearing their own inner voice, although we could gradually find our way back to quietude and silence. I consider good music to be an extension of silence.

What keeps us from finding our own voice once again resounding out from our own silence, our own soul?

Inner Voice is the second chapter of “Healing Voices”, this current series of CDs. “Inner Voice” is a meditative inner journey meant to awaken the primeval powers slumbering at the very depth of the “Self”. It is a resurfacing of the energies of the ancient elements of earth, water, fire and air with the natural means of music and harmony.

We can only reach the very depth of our inner selves with the help of growing silent completely, a turning inward in meditation. The touching of the primeval powers slumbering in the depths of our “Self” happens when we use the most ancient of string instruments, that is, the human voice, archaic Hungarian folksongs, Gregorian chants and special instruments that awaken the four archetypal elements.

The sequence of the four subsequent elements conjuring up the four elements draws the map of the development of a given personality.

This is the place before ones birth, conjuring up the mother womb’s life-giving cave. The earth is where roots live; this is the basis of our stability, the possibility of life itself.

Lily grown on glaciers illumined by rainbows
Doesn’t like its old place, wants to hide and wander.
She should be transplanted, put into a new place,
She should be transplanted, maybe she will grow there…”
(Land of the Szeklers, Transylvania)

“… I have pondered much on how my fate’s evolving. I’ve been thinking much about our ancient fathers, and about our many hidings on this Earth here. Before this on life’s run was I meditating, in your Majesty’s hand how our fate is resting.”

“The shiny Sun has set in the West, The color of the Earth has grown to dark, The light of day has changed into the night’s Bringing rest and quiet to the tired.”

This is fore-water. Water-mill helps the grinding away of personal sorrows, their bringing into consciousness, and their eventual elimination. Its color is blue. Water is the most reassuring, most helpful element that loosens up everything, as it reminds one of the amniotic fluid. Water is the original, universal medium for purification.

“Under a great mountain of Pusztina
there’s a secret fountain.
They, who ever taste its waters…
Lo, ‘n behold, I drank its waters…”

“There’s a mill beyond the water,
What they grind in it is sorrow.
I myself the miller of it,
Who’s trying the sorrow in it.
There’s a mill beyond the water,
What they grind in it is sorrow.
I, too, have a sack of sorrow,
Will take it there, have it ground up.”
(Region of Mezőség)

“…with my heavy tear drops…”
(Transdanubia, Western Hungary)

“…One of them I water with waters of Tatrosh,
Others I will water with my very own tears.”

(Region of Gyimes)

Purgatory, the cleansing fire, the becoming independent of an autonomous personality, the coming into ones own. Its color is red.

“...The rays of his two eyes allure me…”
(Region of Gyimes)

“Fires will burn if you stoke them,
The world chides me, I won’t heed ’em,
I’ll stoke it, too, let the flames spark,
Doggone world, just go on and bark!”
(Region of Szatmár)

“…Speech of tongues of fire flaming
Like the sound of tempests roaring
Has upon their heads descended
With a great suddenness…”

4. AIR
Air is the widening of the terrestrial horizon into the direction of the transcendent. Its color is white.

“…The rays of his two eyes allure me…”
(Region of Gyimes)

“Winds blow heavy clouds from famous Somogy County
I have pondered much on how my fate’s evolving.
Before this on life’s run was I meditating,
in your Majesty’s hand how our fate is resting.”

“I did arise good and early at dawn.
I did arise good and early at dawn.
I washed myself clean of my sinful dreams,
And dried myself with my golden towel.
“I looked up into the highest heavens
Where I saw the Gate of Heaven wide open
Within that the inner door to Heav’n itself…”

This is the integrating synthesis that unites the various cosmic elements inside the human being; it is their simultaneous presence. The mantra expresses our relationship to these elements; that is the bringing out of the male-female counterpoints the Inner Voice celebrates the circular dance of creation and the joy of existence, while also conjuring the archetypes of Adam and Eve, father and mother.

“I do love the great Sun
and I love the Moon, too,
but what I love the most is
the right star in heaven…
Blessed are father and mother
Who have given you birth,
Who have given you birth
And have made thee grow up.
Let the Good Lord grant them
Blessings thousand fold
Them who rocked thy cradle
Blessings a thousand fold!



By Irén Lovász

Mother Earth under my feet ,
Father Sky above my head ,
I, myself, the axis,
I, myself, the axis.
My roots hold me with their strength
My roots hold me down secure
Anchored in the strong wind,
Anchored in the strong wind.
I’m ready to depart
Yearning for adventures,
Filled with strength in body
Filled with peace in my soul.
I’m ready to depart,
My wings carry me off
Soft, yet full of daring
Very far they fly me.
Up into the Heavens
Up above the waters,
Down into the Oceans,
And back down to Earth’s crust.

Irén Lovász: INNER VOICE

1. First movement: EARTH
2. Second movement: WATER
3. Third movement: FIRE
4. Fourth movement: AIR
5. Fifth movement: THE INNER VOICE

performing artists:

Irén Lovász: songs
János Kerekes: didgeridoo / Earth
Ágnes Pintér: harp / water
Gergely Balázs: violine / fire
Judit Gesztelyi Nagy: flute / air