Flower in Love

Many pieces of the erstwhile students…”flower songs” have also survived up to the present day.

The brand of poetry we wish to showcase here survived in popular culture, straddling the border between folk poetry and conscious art poetry as a kind of “crossover” even bridging village culture, urban culture, underground literature, official literature, Hungarian and neighboring cultures. It is this manifold and multicolored world that we wish to conjure here.

We wish to present the specimens of courtship, wooing and loving that were current during the Renaissance so that listeners living today can also enjoy them.

The style of our musical performance is admittedly down-to-earth, trying to bring to the listener archaic texts through the natural singing voice. Besides the elegant string instruments of early music we also use peasant flutes, bagpipes and archaic percussion instruments to facilitate the appreciation of this ancient music through the naive charm of these flutes, the elemental force of the bagpipe, and the virtuosity of the old percussion instruments. Our musicians have gathered from various fields and traditions, including experimental jazz, early music, contemporary folk music experimental jazz. We hope this will enhance the “crossover” effect of our CD.

All of the performers brought their own special skills in order to bring to life this musical tradition now several hundred years old. This is what makes this re-interpretation of early music so human and contemporary.

We believe we truly own only as much of the goods inherited from our ancestors as we can comprehend and use for our own edification, mood, amusement and delight.

Irén Lovász