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Irén Lovász, one of the women in Hungary who possess some of the most beautiful voices in the world.

VILÁGFA (World tree) CD by Irén Lovász and László Hortobágyi

The Best.

 When we will face the daunting task to cross the void between our Milky Way and Andromeda, Hortobágyi László: Világfa, with the beautiful voice of Lovász Irén will cat the darkness and will show the path to our destination. I, who fully understand every word of the songs, can testify that your soul will change immediately as soon as you hear the songs once, especially the last two.

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One of the most beautiful world music records ever made This incredible album is one of the most beautiful world music records I have ever heard. It took me six months to hunt down this record online and it was well worth the effort and the money spent. The record is dominated by Irén Lovász’s beautiful vocal highlighted by László Hortobágyi’s signature percussion, dominated by Indian rhythms and occasional keyboard chords.

The voice of Irén Lovász is haunting. It resonates deep inside, striking some primal spiritual chords, bringing to light unconscious universal cultural memories, and awaking the basic human being in all of us – the naked crying newborn free from physical, cultural and spiritual restrains. Some of the many things that come to my mind when listening to this album include the safety and comfort of millions of lullabies sung for millions of generations to millions of my ancestors, pagan rhythms and chants, and fairy-tale creatures hiding from civilization in ancient woodlands.

This record has a truly mythological quality to it. Without understanding a single word I was instantly transported into the distant past when ancient Huns poured from the east into the heartland of Europe… Irén Lovász and László Hortobágyi explore what would the Hungarian folk music sound like if the ancient Huns turned south or east instead of west. They go back to the very trunk of the World Tree and explore the possible branches that could have been…

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Another planet
This will take you to another planet, the earth before it got so complicated by modernity. These are songs from the core of being alive. It’ll open your heart to a place that its been wanting. I don’t understand a word and all I can say is that its as beautiful as anything I’ve ever heard.

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