"More than just songs, more than pure mantras,

the sounds carried by her voice are expressive of the very wonders of the universe entwined with Hungarian folk-poetry, a musical feat I hold in high esteem, something I could not do without. I feel, emanating out of them, the healing powers of the collective Hungarian unconscious, the sounds that actually heal." (Dr. Ildikó Konta, clinical psychologist, music therapist )


Irén Lovász was awarded the Kossuth Prize

,Hungary's most prestigious state award by the President of the Republic of Hungary, János Áder on the National Holiday, 15. March 2021.


Iren Lovasz is a notable singer with calm, serene delivery, never overtly impassioned

...but hearing her alighting naturally and accurately on those microtonal melodic ledges is a delight. (Andrew Cronshaw, Folkroots)


Irén Lovász

This is the official homepage of Irén Lovász, the Hungarian singer, cultural anthropologist, scholar of music therapy, voice communication, folk religion, sacred communication and archaeoacoustics


Irén Lovász


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Therapeutic SINGING CIRCLE of Irén Lovász

An experimental club, a workshop, where we sing together in a group regularly, with the following aims:

For the physical and spiritual joy of singing,

for the maintenance of our health and harmony,

to become aware of the heritage of our ancients,

to discover the values and powers  hidden in our tradition,

to take ownership of our treasures,

for the opportunity to sing our folksongs.